Our Programs



Infants at CWAA enjoy various  motor experiences inside the classroom and in the playgrounds. The children challenge themselves physically and develop gross motor skills. We help our infants to reach milestones such as, turning over, sitting, crawling, standing, and even take their first steps.



Toddlers start possessing at least 50 words at this age, CWAA's caregivers observe the children development and their expressive language skills. Consistent play schedules, activities indoor and outdoors support our toddlers as they navigate their first relationships and begin to create their own identity.



At CWAA Children develop motor skills, activities addressing math, art, scribble, and express graphically on an easel, paper, or other materials. The world is full of discover as they move and dance to music, learn about insects, leaves, seeds, flowers, the ocean and nature.

Field Trips


During the school year CWAA organizes and conducts periodical field trips for the children to visit attractions and parks near the Preschool. Our Parents with Aloha serve as Chaperons during the events and participate actively in the coordination of the out of campus activities.

Art Exploration


At CWAA Children are introduced to the elements of art by learning shape and color mixing. Children explore a wide-variety of age-appropriate and nontoxic materials painting, drawing, squeezing glue, peeling stickers, cutting, collaging and stamping.

Hawaiian Culture


Children at CWAA explore and learn about the rich Hawaiian culture and traditions as they participate in these early childhood education activities and lesson dedicated to Hawaiian vocabulary, crafts, music and dancing.